Final Reflection

Finally, the school year is coming to an end. Yet, I’m still busy! I have home-works due in, essays to wright, and exams to overcome! However, before my departure to a week of undeniable torture, I would like to write one last post in peace and tranquility (ignoring the roars and horns of the cars outside). When looking at other blogs created by other fantastic people, I often witness some sort of theme behind their posts, such as ‘about me’, ‘fashion’, or ‘interests’. I look at mine, and I see a mess… In my honest opinion, it seems like two separate people have been working on the same blog! One, is a man with an obsession for posting his works done in school, and the other, simply brags about his interests. No, you are not mistaken, I am criticizing my own work, but although I may be saying such things, I found the use of blogs to be a fascinating experience. It was a method of reaching out to other people, people outside of my usual social network. Admittedly, facebook does do it’s fair share of global communication, but in blogs I feel that I can become a little more personal. I can have more depth in my writing, rather than the usual “What am I doing right now” posts.

By continuing to wright these blogs, I hope to feel more comfortable in expressing myself and become more willing to share my own personnel ideas. However, I have a greater objective, I wish to improve my writing further. I still lack skills in writing and I hope that these blogs will help me improve them, even if it’s to the slightest amount.

Although the title may contain the word ‘final’, it’s really far from it. I will continue to write and post my story’s and adventures (just trying to sound dramatic… -.-) for the presumed happiness of all! I will write for it makes me happy, I will write for it makes me to express myself, and I will wright for it really shows people my interests. Although this may seem like too much emphasis for a blog, I say every word with passion and heart. 😛

Bye Bye~

Interesting fact about this picture:

If you shift your head backwards and forwards, the rings seem to be moving in and out.

“The Light at the End of the Tunnel on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.” Welcome to Flickr – Photo Sharing. N.p., n.d. Web. 4 June 2010. <;.


What I Love, What I’m Passionate About

This one I find quite simple and easy to answer. There are two things in my life – other than family – that I can not live without. First, is female interaction – what can I say, I’m a guy – but secondly and most importantly, it is art. I know that I have yet to post any of my works, nor have I given any comments on my favorite works. However, there are projects that I’m currently working on, such as the Vik Muniz style work that I have posted about earlier and I have also recently submitted a poster for the school’s educational posters. The Vik Muniz project is takin a lot longer than I expected, due to the fact that I’m gluing the hole punched paper into a portrait. However, it’s close to completion and I feel that the work is coming out a lot better than I have originally hoped.

A lot of people seem to consider art to be a useless subject that will ultimately have no value in the future. However, although some people may not understand it, art is perhaps the most commonly written language in the world, and everyone tends to understand it. Even before the first letters were ever made, drawing was a method of communication and telling stories, much like cave men and their drawings. Ofcourse, some drawing are clearer than others and some are harder to interpret, such as minimalism. However, the next time you receive a corrected paper from your teacher, lets see if you really understand what they have written.

The Final Swim Meet!!!! T^T

Sigh… The day has finally come, our last Swim meet, KAIAC. On April 23rd, we have faced our first day of our last tournament. It was unfortunate to think that, something so time consuming and exhausting would be taken out of my daily schedule. In this tournament each swimmer would participate in 3 individual events, after, they would take part in the relays. For me personally, my greatest fear was the one hundred meter butterfly. Although easy for Michael Phelps, this was perhaps the most tiresome event in the entire meet – excluding the 200m IM. I know most people aim to come first or second, however, my objective, my own personnel objective was to at-least finish the event without getting disqualified. To my surprise, I actually didn’t drown. I, a swimmer who could just barely complete a fifty meter butterfly in his first meet, was able to complete something twice as long!!! This may not have benefited the team, but to me it was a great success.

To the fellow swim team,

Thank you for all the support you have given me, this was truly a wonderful season and I will miss our awesome team.

I will break the 30 second mark!!

What I like about Learning

Judging from the title I don’t expect one to find this particularly exciting, in fact, quite the contrary. One may always claim the idea of learning to be something of a bother, or something that just isn’t particular popular. However, on one holiday – the past one to be more specific – I have spent the entire week doing absolutely nothing. Well, at-least nothing involving the better development of the brain. I always thought this would be a dream come true and it was… just not one of those that really should’ve happened. I don’t know why, but as the week kept going, I just began to feel worse and worse… as if, little by little I am growing a little bit more worthless everyday. Perhaps it’s just my moral perception, but although I love to play, the idea of not advancing in life or not knowing anything at all… kind of terrified me. What made it even worse was that I was already too into the lazy life and finding it hard to get back up. I had the idea of studying, but there just wasn’t any initiative. Believe it or not, school brought me back on my feet and I could keep learning, but in the end the idea of not being able to learn again just eats into me, little by little.

Honestly, the years of when I study will probably be the easiest part of my life anyway. I’m sure memorizing one more equation off a text book is a lot easier than sweating for one more penny.

My Greatest Weakness

While I am still working on my project, I have decided to post about my greatest weakness, caring too much and just way too perfect… I wish, in actual truth my greatest weakness, is the need for a lot, but the lack of motivation to achieve. I have great plans for the future, graduating from MIT, getting a maserati, have a line of chicks waiting outside my door, and becoming a multi-billionaire. However, am I really bothered to achieve all this? not really. I am studying to go to a prosperous univerity, and I am trying to look good for the ladies, but it’s all just such a drag! I often wonder if life would be so much simpler if we all just lowered our standards, rather than placing new ones. Of-course the way I am thinking is wrong, and I should improve my actions but once again, even that’s a bother.

My Recent Art Projects

FELLOW BLOGGERS!!!! I have just noticed that it has been a loooooooooooong time since my last post, even more for one based on my base topic, ART. Recently, I have begun to make a brand new portfolio, no specific reason but since I am currently not taking an Art subject this semester, I am finding joy in working in another art studio to create my own personalized work. Currently, I am doing a portfolio of a friend, influenced by Vik Muniz’s hole punched work. The work is taking and immense amount of patience and attention. This is my twelfths hour on the project and I have still only completed, perhaps a quarter of my friends face. To think I am only working on a 31 * 22 cm piece of paper, and it’s TAKING ME THIS LONG!!!! To my missfortune, this does explain why I have only seen around, two or three works in this kind of media. Also making me realize how great of an Artist Vik Muniz really is, and an artist I truly idolize.

This is one of Vik Muniz’s projects. I plan to do portrait similar using a similar technique to this one. When I have finished it I will post it so please look forward to it. 😛

Credits to blogger Yvanna Schmeling for the photo! Thank you.

My Thoughts on Blogs

I have recently been assigned to look at a 3 different blogs and share my idea of a good blog. Considering that I am a novice in this field of the internet, I find myself sounding a little daft for sharing my point. However, when I look my blog, and then look at one, such as Jay. G’s, I realize how terrible my blog is. The reasons are obvious, my blog, doesn’t contain many pictures, my posts aren’t really particularly interesting, and honestly sounds like I’m forcing the words. However, when I look even closer at his blogs, I realize that, although, his topics are interesting, even if he talked about math, I think I would still be drawn into his blog. I realized that he is devoted to the blogs. A blog will never reach it’s best quality, if one does not care for it and the same goes for cars or any other object we posses with value. A person’s blog must show signs of care, and constant change. I think every time I look at someone else’s I believe that I am always looking for something new in the blog, not the old. Ofcourse, I have no right to say this, but anything that is given the most care, often gives the best result.

“World Cup Trophy on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.” Welcome to Flickr – Photo Sharing. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Mar. 2010. <;.

Asian Studies… it’s… so hard~

It’s… so hard, ever… so hard. It’s a struggle one day to next. When the grade is high, the world geo grade, is low. When World geography is high, my asian stud is low. It’s a two subjects on a balance and they never seem to find the middle. I seem to struggle with both subjects. I am a student who has tried multiple school systems, ranging from GCSE, IGCSE and SATs. My mind is now a wreck. The last school system i have experienced allowed me to quit geography and history. However, here i sit, in this school, where Studying my asian culture and knowing about the world is mandatory. I could not be more lost. For now after a year of no mentioning of countries and capitals, I am now rushed in with a C. Asian Studies, although is getting better, my lack of experience of my asian culture (even though I am from Asia) is giving me quite the hassle. I hope one day my Asian heritage will rush back into me and save me from this upheaval of panic.

Me thinking about what I need to wright….

…………..blank……………blank………….art?………naa…………..China?……….already done……………blank…….. Fellow bloggers I am stuck. I am sitting infront of the computer thinking about what to write for my blog. It’s now 8:36 PM and I have not gotten anywhere. Unfortunately, my hangover from over dosage of China is still giving me a hard time to think. My homework on the other hand, has depleted about a paper or two and I guess that that does brighten my day. Although today’s attempt to wright a blog may be a complete and utter disappointment, once my head has finally cleared up and that pain in the back of my head is gone, I promise to comeback with more promising news.

China Swim Meet

China is massive; it’s absolutely huge. On February 24th I went on my first journey to China. The purpose being that 13 swimmers, counting myself, went to represent our school in a Swimming tournament. Unfortunately we did not come out victorious, but we did succed to make new friends, experience new culture and in my case, learn three very useful phrases. Two of which are nihao and sheshe, the last shall remain unspoken. My failed attempts at bargaining were quite fun, and our embarrassing attempts to speak to chines to a waitress who spoke fluent english was quite the laugh. However, although the flight was only about one hour and a half long, I do feel like I am facing some form of jet lag, resulting in me placing this blog in a foul mood. My neck is aching and the remaining pile of work does not seem to help… procrastinating a beautiful action made by mankind.

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